Revenue Cycle Management


HR Control Solutions is your partner for all of your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) requirements. Our focus is providing RCM options to hospitals and medical facilities. We have a track record for providing our clients with experienced consultants that are assets to organizations because they are subject matter experts in their field and are driven by results. 

Our management team can provide you with consultants to join your in-house team or work on outsourced projects that we manage for you. 

Outsourcing - You can outsource your RCM responsibilities to us and we will manage the project from beginning to end. We provide a dedicated management team and experienced consultants to ensure the project stays on target and meets the overall objectives. This approach proves to be a WIN-WIN for our clients since many clients do not have the available resources, budgets or time to dedicate to all aspects of their RCM process. 

What makes us UNIQUE? 

We invest in our Consultants: We provide our consultants with industry and systems training so that they can continually provide value to clients. This training provides our consultants with a competitive edge.  We want you to know that we are your business partner and that you can count on us to provide cost effective strategic solutions for your RCM and medical staffing needs!