Executive Team


Melinda Ragin, President & CEO


Melinda Ragin holds an MBA in Finance and 15+ years of corporate experience with Fortune 100 firms and Big 4 accounting firms.  Her professional experience includes roles in auditing, compliance, risk management, pharmaceutical consulting and HR consulting.  Her corporate experience provided a strong foundation for her to pursue her passion of becoming an entrepreneur and assisting clients with strategic initiatives, project management, consulting services, staffing and recruiting. 

She has extensive experience in the healthcare industry with a focus on revenue cycle management services, IT staffing and human resources. She works with corporate leaders to provide qualified professionals that are the best fit for the culture and workplace.

After spending several years in the staffing industry and observing disparities in hiring practices and salaries, Melinda founded HR Control Solutions in 2012 to help diverse candidates gain access to career opportunities that were not available in the past.  As a result, corporate partners recognized that a diverse workforce stimulated employee  innovation and collaboration which had a direct impact on the financial performance of the corporation. 


Nicole Humphrey, Executive Vice President

Nicole has more than 15+ years of experience in strategic planning, sales, marketing, client management, project management, research, client service and consulting.

Nicole manages the organizational goals, including strategic planning, sales, marketing, engagement and client services.  Nicole applies her business acumen and extensive corporate background to benefit each client.

Previously, Nicole earned a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and gained her vast experience by working for major Fortune 100 Companies in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Information Technology industries.

Prior to Nicole working in the private and public sectors, she welcomed starting her career in the non-profit sector, due to her values and commitment to helping others.  Nicole makes it a priority to ensure that her business objectives include giving back to communities she serves.