Project Staffing



Our team is skilled in meeting your staffing needs. Based on your directive, job descriptions and discussions with your leadership team, we partner with you to provide the best solutions for your workforce staffing needs. We vet all candidates internally before presenting the top candidates to you.  This entails interviewing and conducting behavioral assessments to confirm qualifications and fit for the company based on the culture and workplace environment.

 Clients use our services to locate staff with a specific skill set to assist with projects or temporary staffing needs. After the project ends, staff are released. 

Clients work with our staff for a selected time period and then hire them as employees. This approach allows the client and staff member to work together to determine if this will be the best fit for both the staff member and the client.

 Based on client job requirements, our team will locate and interview candidates, then send the best candidates to your organization. Your leadership team interviews the candidates and hires the best candidate(s). 

We partner with our clients to make the best staffing decisions and will provide staffing options as well as solutions to accommodate your requirements. Our team is experienced in finding top talent for your organization.